the village exchange

The group that owns most of Chagrin Falls, including Gamekeepers, 87 West and The Inn at Chagrin Falls, has recently added another location to its lineup: The Village Exchange.

This casual eatery (think gourmet cafeteria), which sits on the same street as the aforementioned locations, offers a variety of sandwiches and melts, soups and salads, flatbread pizzas, smoothies, breakfast wraps and even a small selection of beer and wine in a converted barn. It’s actually rather charming, or as Doug Trattner described it, country chic.

We decided to check it out for lunch last weekend. Jamie tried the Tuscan chicken pita with sun dried tomatoes, carmelized onions, fontina, spinach and basil aioli. Since I wasn’t too hungry, I went with a cup of the chicken dumpling soup, or so I thought.

After we placed our order at the counter, we grabbed a seat near the fireplace and waited for our lunch. After waiting a few minutes, one of the workers came up to me and explained that he tried the dumpling soup and while he thought it tasted ok, something was off and asked if I would be willing to have the cream of tomato instead. I appreciated the honesty and said no problem.

In the meantime, they brought out Jamie’s melt. I waited another 10 minutes or so and finally made eye contact with the guy that approached me earlier and gave him a look that basically said, “Hey buddy, remember my soup?” He apparently understood my look because I saw him mouth “oops” to his coworkers and poured me a cup of soup and had it sent over.

In general, the food was ok. The soup was creamy and enjoyable, but nothing extraordinary. Same for the melt. Jamie said it wasn’t bad, but he didn’t think he would order it again. The food is slightly overpriced for what you get, but it will still do well in that area. The owners will definitely make out on this concept, especially since there isn’t much competition in the Falls for a casual eatery like this. And it appears they are trying to be green friendly, which will surely do well given everything going green these days.

We’ll definitely be back, because of those reasons. Plus it has a nice patio, just like its big sister next door, Gamekeeper’s Tavern. In fact, I wouldn’t mind trying breakfast on the patio next time. Or even a smoothie.