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Roast, the highly anticipated Detroit restaurant from Michael and Liz Symon and Doug Petkovic, is gearing up for its opening. In this past weekend’s Detroit Free Press, Symon talked about his latest Midwestern venture and why he thinks it will do well in Detroit.

In the article, Symon also talks affectionately about his family, getting into the business and all things meat. As someone who also enjoyed a homemade dinner with my family as a kid every night, I can totally appreciate where he is coming from. I love that that is how I grew up and I plan to do the same with my children.

Here is how Symon describes Roast:

“We’re going to do prime dried steaks. We’re going to do heritage animals, different kinds of pork. Roasted goat. Baby lamb. Everything will be wood- or charcoal-fired,” he says.

“There will be some seafood options and some vegetables on the menu, but at the end of the day it’s a very meat-focused restaurant.”

Former Big Rock Chop House executive chef Jeff Rose will be in charge of Roast’s kitchens, though Symon will be at the restaurant frequently, especially in the beginning.
He plans to keep prices below those of the casino restaurants, he says.

“There will be plenty of menu options in the $18 to $22 range. … Prime dried beef comes with a price, and it costs what it costs.” But his prime aged steaks will be more in the $30s, rather than the $40s, he says.

“We’re not going to hammer people. That’s not how we do business.”

And while Roast may be the most important restaurant at the most impressive hotel in Detroit, Symon wants it to be enjoyable.

“If you want to come in jeans, if you want to come in a suit, you can be comfortable no matter how you look or how you’re dressed or what your food loves or phobias are.”

“I love great food, obviously, and I have incredible respect for chefs who put out great food,” he says.

“But I don’t think people go out to dinner to pay homage to the chef. They go out to dinner to have a great meal and a great experience and have a lot of fun.”

You can read the rest here.

My husband has been wanting to go to Detroit for some time to gamble. I like to play blackjack, but get bored after an hour (unless it’s Euchre, I’m not one for cards) and really haven’t given a quick trip there any serious consideration. But now with a new Symon restaurant to check out, I’ll definitely be eager to head to Detroit.

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  1. tzalba
    Posted October 16, 2008 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

    I couldn’t think of a more appropriate place for Symon to open another restaurant. It just fits him and his personality. You can be sure many a road trip will ensue for me. I hope the fine folks of the Motor City can truly appreciate what they are about to receive.