Shortly after Lago first opened, I met my girlfriends there for dinner. Last month, I found myself back at Lago sitting at the same corner booth with the same group of friends. I wrote initially that I wasn’t too impressed with the restaurant and received quite a bit of e-mails, some agreeing with me but many urging me to give it another try. After two attempts, the second on behalf of Metromix, I have to say I’m still not all that impressed (though I will admit it was better the second time around).

You can read the full review here. In short, I’ll say the best part of my meal was the beginning and the end – the wine and dessert. Thanks to our server, I found a wonderful new wine, McManis Petite Sirah. As for the dessert, we shared the olive oil cake and tiramisu, both were really quite good, especially the ultra moist olive oil cake.

As for my meal, I ordered the short ribs, which came to the table surprisingly on the cold side. The ribs were also quite fatty and tough. I wasn’t totally disappointed, but this dish definitely fell short.

After two visits, I’m sorry to say I probably won’t be back for dinner (but I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to sit on the patio for some dessert and wine). There are just way too many consistently good restaurants in town where I’d rather spend my money.

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  1. Dine O Mite
    Posted February 19, 2009 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    Amen, Sister!

    Our visit to Lago was pre-blog, but remains one of our worst dining experiences in Cleveland.

    Our dinner was ruined by drunken friends of someone who worked at the restaurant. I didn’t complain (none of the people in the room did), but I can tell you that when everyone left that dining room they weren’t coming back.

    I’m not an overly nitpicky person when it comes to service, but friends or not, management has to keep drunks in line. These guys were yelling, “Get me some more Silver Oak!!!”, right in the middle of the restaurant. It was insane.

    I’m with you, they’re done getting anymore of my money.