a perfect saturday morning

Normally, you can find us on the weekend happily nestled inside Starbucks in Chagrin Falls. Coffee, green tea and the paper is how we like to start our Saturday morning. Today, however, we opted to head to East 4th street and visit our friend Martin’s coffee shop, Erie Island Coffee.

What a perfect addition to East 4th. The shop is wedged between Zocalo and Pickwick. The long, narrow space features two areas in the window ideal for people watching, oversized local art donning the walls, turquoise-esque chairs and custom-made curved benches lining the walls and my favorite touch, several walls accented with a mosaic of stained cedar planks. It’s our kind of shop and if we still lived downtown, it would be our weekend hangout for sure.

Since neither of us had anything to eat, we both opted for a crush, a panini crushed between a bagel. I had the veggie omelette with roasted red pepper cream cheese, portobello, tomatoes, spinach and cheese and scrambled egg; Jamie had the applewood omelette crush with bacon, cheddar, basil and egg. To drink, I had an ivory mocha light.

We both enjoyed our sandwiches, just the right amount of food for breakfast. But what I really enjoyed was my coffee. I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any means, but this was a very enjoyable specialty drink and did not taste light at all.

After our visit, we made the very short walk across the street for a sneak peak at The Greenhouse Tavern where Everest Curley was kind enough to take a break and show us around.

The space isn’t complete yet and is still several weeks from opening, but what we saw was very impressive. You can tell a lot of love and hard work is going into this restaurant. Every item inside has a story and what we learned so for was quite interesting.

But what really made this Saturday so perfect was that one of my best friends became a fist-time mom this afternoon. Welcome to the world, Jack William!