celebrate flag day with a tweetup/foursquare “swarm” party at amp150

swarm_bigFlag Day is Monday, June 14. What are you doing to celebrate? Ok, chances are nothing. In fact, you probably had no idea that it’s Flag Day (unless you’re friends with me then it has been drilled in your head). You see, Flag Day is also my birthday, and up until the age of 9 I was under the impression that everyone hung their flags to honor my big day (thanks, mom!). But I digress.

Flag Day or not, AMP150 is doing something pretty cool on Monday and if it wasn’t my birthday, I’d be there for sure. Chef Ellis Cooley, who since coming to down has taken a serious interest in learning all he can on the social media front (in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve helped a little with this) – especially Foursquare, the current darling of social media (sidebar: check out my previous post offering tips to restaurants on how best to utilize this new mobile version of customer loyalty).

Beginning at 5 p.m. (goes until 8) and to coincide with the Thirsty Dog beer tasting (10 beer tastings plus an assortment of passed canapes), Cooley will be hosting a tweetup and Foursquare party – with the goal to get at least 50 Foursquare users together in the hopes of collecting the somewhat coveted Swarm Badge (requires at least 50 people to check-in at the same place, most recently people received it at Cavs games and the Pearl Jam concert). Now, there are some people that utilize Foursquare for the gaming aspect, so the thought of attaining this badge is kinda cool. And then there are people like me who use Foursquare for the social and potential rewards aspect. And it’s what the chef is doing here that gets me pretty excited.

You see, companies, especially restaurants, are really starting to see the benefits of Foursquare and how for next to nothing, they can reward people for “checking into” their place. By doing so, they have just tapped into that person’s network and created a nice little piece of positive word of mouth for themselves and a cool user experience for their patrons.

Here is how AMP150’s Foursquare program will work:

  • 1st check-in: 10% off your bill
  • 2nd – 4th check-in: 5% off your bill
  • 5th check-in: 25% off your bill (and then it resets to 10% off moving forward)
  • Mayorship: If you’re the mayor of AMP150 (the person with the most check-ins), you earn 25% off your bill each and every time, until someone steals your title

Confused? I know, if you don’t play in this space, it’s either a foreign language or you’re thinking to yourself, ‘why on earth would I check-in to someplace and tell people my every move’?I promise you, it’s not all like that (ok, maybe a little). I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else — if you want to learn and see what this is all about, the very best way to do so is to sign up and experience first-hand. Look what kind of benefits are in store. And it’s not just AMP150. The Greenhouse Tavern gives their Mayor 40% off during each visit. And while I haven’t experienced personally, I hear Taste on Lee is utilizing Foursquare, too. I have seen other cities, like Chicago and San Fran, really reward Foursquare users and slowly but surely, Cleveland is starting to as well.

Two of my favorite things coming together – food and scoial media. Exciting times indeed. And it’s just the beginning.


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    Quick story:

    So one night my wife and I are sitting at a table at the AMP 150 bar. I decide to check in on 4Sq. I see that there’s another person recently checked in and, what’s more, he’s mayor of the joint.

    Hmm, I thought to myself, let’s check this @jseabury guy out. My Droid says he and I have many Twitter friends in common. From his tweets, he seems to be a interesting guy who might be game for a little game. I spot him at the bar

    I walk up to him. “Hi. Are you Justin?”

    “Yes. Hi.”

    “You don’t know me from Adam, but my name is Tony and I am gunning for your mayorship here.”

    “Haha. Oh? Is this a declaration of war? Are you throwing down the gauntlet?”

    “Oh, it’s on.”

    “Well all right then.”

    We both had a good laugh, the way mafioso laugh, prior to a whack.

    It continues:


    Michelle, all this gameplaying should not, and won’t, take away from your birthday celebration. Look for me Monday and I’ll buy you a round.

    Tony Ramos

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    I’m really hoping to get over there on Monday. I really look forward to the tasting. Amp really knows how to use the social media tools at their disposal.

    bravo to them.

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    Sorry can’t attend the AMP150 partay.
    Have fun and Happy Birthday!

    Muncha muncha