week #2 of vacation

On our second week of vacation, we were equal parts lazy at home and tourists within our own city. And it was absolutely lovely.

First up – lazy at home. Since we just got back from Isle of Palms, we didn’t do much other than coffee and the park in Chagrin Falls. Which spending anytime in this quaint Norman Rockwell-esque village always makes you feel like you’re on vacation. It was a nice surprise to discover that the city finally added swings to this small park. Not sure who was happier, me or Natalie.

The weather was truly amazing this past week – I’d take these fall-like temps year-round. This weather was ideal to take Natalie to her visit to the zoo. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as perfect as the weather. If you were at the zoo and heard piercing screaming, that was not coming from the cages – that was our little animal. But she did stop long enough to stare in pure amazement at the camels, giraffes, seals and reindeer. She actually loved the animals and we loved experiencing this with her – despite her lack of nap. We will definitely join the zoo next year and spend much more time discovering this amazing place.

After the zoo, I made my first visit to The Sausage Shoppe on Memphis and had a great chat with Norm. We picked up some bulk pork sausage, kielbasa, double cheese brats and Jack brats. I know I won’t be waiting until our next zoo outing to make a repeat visit here.

One night was sans toddler as we were invited to the second annual Meritage Gala, a celebration of food-inspired art and art-inspired food within the kitchens of the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute. This event helps raise funds for the ICASI scholarship program.

My favorite day was spent in and around my old stomping grounds. First was breakfast at Inn on Coventry (more to come but I have eaten here countless times and still love it for breakfast), then a walk around Lakeview Cemetery to visit my gram but also to take in its beauty followed by the Art Museum. I realize it’s a cemetery, but if you have never been, it really is worth exploring. When I lived in Cleveland Heights I used to walk here all the time. Not only are the grounds beautiful, but lots of rich history. Tour President Garfield’s monument, place money by Rockefeller for good luck, see Elliot Ness, Civil War generals and more. By the time we got to the museum, Natalie was asleep so we just picked up our membership card and decided to come back next weekend for the chalk festival.

From Cleveland Heights to Hudson and Rocky River, thankfully not in the same day. We met friends for dinner at the newly opening One Red Door(chef Shawn Monday from Downtown 140 moved a few feet up; more to come on this as it was for a Metromix review). After dinner, went for some wine and cheese to North End Market, where chef Jeff Jarrett kindly shared some seared ahi tuna over delightful chutney. I really like this place – great wine list or grab a bottle from the hundreds that surround you (the dining room is in the middle of the wine store) and good cheese selection, too. While there the chef was filling us in on the upcoming Dinner in the Dark  that he is working on. The first one benefits Veggie U.

My sister and brother-in-law have been talking about Danny Boysfor quite some time so we decided to join them for some pizza pie last night. Fun little space – I can see why they like it. Yummy pizza, too, and a lot of options – almost too many. Post carb overload, we went to Erie Island Coffee for cappuccinos. This is my favorite coffee in town but first visit to this location. What a great, great space. I think I like it better than E 4th. Now if only there was an east side location… On the way to grab coffee, we drove past Market on Linda St. Looks like a cool place, from the outside at least.

And in between all of this, we joined Lifetime Fitness. There’s nothing like two weeks straight of good eats, especially like that of week one, to make you run straight for a personal trainer. I do not like to work out, but I think this place just may change that.


  1. Eran W.
    Posted September 14, 2010 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    I just drove by Market tonight on my way to yoga class. I had no idea they were putting something in that space. I’m excited to have a new place to try in the hood.

  2. Posted September 15, 2010 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

    maybe I have to venture west to rocky river for this Market place.