big night out

Two weeks ago I think a record was broken right here in Cleveland: fastest escape from a house, down the drive and up, up and away. My husband and I are the proud title holders. It was our first night out solo since Olivia and as soon as my sister showed up to watch the kids, we fled and were as giddy as could be.

I would have been content just about anywhere, but of course we didn’t just want to settle considering we haven’t been out alone in ages (even before the baby came, I was no peach to be around those final weeks of pregnancy & became quite the homebody). We headed to East 4th for rooftop cocktails, shopping and dinner.

I’ve had drinks on the roof of Greenhouse several times, but this was the first time I’ve been up there since they “opened” it. What a space and what views. If they served food up there, my butt would have been parked in that stool all night. Though I get why they don’t offer anything to munch on upstairs (those stairs are quite plentiful – and steep), I sure wish they did.

Post drinks, and feeling pretty good (when you don’t drink your normal share for the better part of a year, you become quite the cheap date), we headed to Chinato. As we made the short hop down the street, it was  electrifying to be downtown at that moment. Thome was back that night for the first time in nearly a decade, the weather was picturesque and it seemed like just about everyone was out in the city enjoying it.

At dinner, we ordered a variety of small dishes and feasted away. Highlights included the yellowtail and salmon crudo, fried baby artichokes (which the chef sent out) and buratta.  What I’ll likely skip next time is the involtini of eggplant with ricotta and shrimp. While I’ve never tried this before, it seemed a bit overbooked and over seasoned.

Not ready to head home just yet, we stopped in Dredgers Union which wisely stays open until 10 p.m. Jamie picked up a few shirts, I snagged some clothes for the kids and a great fall hat for myself (clothes shopping has to wait a bit for me). If you haven’t had the pleasurable experience of shopping here yet, you should go soon. It has something for everyone.

When we got home the kids were in la la land and we weren’t far behind. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the tweet that mommy and daddy went out the night before and woke up bright and early with the first one getting our attention at 5 a.m. I’ve missed the nights out, but not the mornings after…