pura vida

In just a couple more weeks, I’ll be once again joining the downtown lunch crowd. And I know where I’ll be a regular.

I met one of my favorite lunch companions the other week to check out the recently opened Pura Vida on Euclid, right down from Noodlecat (another place I’m eager to check out); it was a first trip for us both.

This place seems to be the go-to spot during the day, or at least that’s how it appeared. It was fairly packed with coworkers catching up, people in suits making deals and then us – those looking for some good eats. The space is clean, modern and features a large bar area set for dining plus a huge open kitchen. They also share a wall with Tri-C hospitality that I believe opens up for certain events. If I remember correctly, the two aren’t affiliated, but given that there’s a culinary school right next door they will share certain synergies.

I like how the menu is presented: plenty of soups and salads, plus really tempting sandwich options as well as a bit larger plates if you’re really hungry. Or as they call it, early supper. There’s also a daily special which consists of  a snack, chips and specialty sandwich  served in a gold lunch box. Love this! They are also open for breakfast and will apparently offer a variety of grab and go items in the near future.

I had the tomato gazpacho and warm spinach salad with huge pieces of thick, crispy bacon and candied pecans. I also tried Charity’s  grilled chicken and brie with apples. For a standard salad that’s found nearly everywhere, I was pretty impressed – especially with the bacon. And I was really happy with Charity’s sandwich. You just can’t go wrong when you combine brie, apples and chicken.

While I was really happy with my order, I already know what I’m going to try next time: the smoked portobello gyro with mint yogurt and dill havarti. Or maybe the BLT with pork belly. Or …


  1. charity
    Posted November 15, 2011 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

    I can’t wait until you start working downtown and I have MORE excuses to come down for lunch. Pura Vida was scrumptious!

  2. mwd711
    Posted November 16, 2011 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    I love Pura Vida but breakfast is going away and will only be available for private groups. Also, the menu is supposed to be undergoing some changes. Not sure if they were in effect yet whenever you were there but the “jars” are going away, among other things.

    I think Pura Vida is having some struggles in drawing a dinner crowd, which is a shame, cause I put its food right up there with anything else downtown.