Sometimes, you just need to get away. But you can’t really get away.

My husband and I desperately wanted a quick weekend to ourselves, but between work and kids it was becoming harder and harder to schedule. Truthfully, I just wanted to sleep past 6 a.m.!

We are actually very good about date night and spending time as just us and do almost weekly. But haven’t actually been away together since Olivia was born, over 2 years ago.

Enter my sister. She gave us a Saturday night that she didn’t have to travel and gladly agreed to take the minis. I have been wanting to check out Gervasi Vineyard and as luck would have it, they only had one suite available for the night we wanted, which voided their two night minimum in the summer and wouldn’t have worked with our schedule anyway (I hate when there is a minims stay at places…).

One hour later we arrived in Canton. The grounds are really quite impressive and clearly well cared for. I was impressed. Our room wasn’t ready, so we headed to The Bistro and sampled a few flights and eats. The space is super rustic and obviously heavily influenced by a farmhouse in Tuscany – much like the winery in general. I liked it.

With a nice wine buzz on during the day (I miss day drinking), we headed to our room. Each villa contains four private suites and then you share a dining area, patio and small kitchenette with stocked fridge, wine glasses, microwave, etc.  The suite has a fireplace, lots of windows, high ceilings, walk-in shower, a queen size bed and also a Bed Base by Eva. The rooms were impressive and again, were designed to make you feel like you’re in Tuscany and not Canton.

Next up was more wine followed by a pitcher of sangria. We headed to the open pavilion area and snagged a couple adirondack chairs overlooking the small lake. With an even better wine buzz, we opted to play bocce and corn hole. Note to self: unlike bowling, alcohol does not improve my skills in either of these areas.

To soak up our wine-induced afternoon, we headed back to The Bistro for dinner after our wonderful whale watching california ride. Now, heading into this meal I heard a lot of positive commentary: wonderful Italian food, great wine, superior service, etc. And all of it – up to this point – I’d agree with. But then our meal came…


Jamie ordered the sweet corn soup with pancetta and braised short ribs – the house specialty. I opted for a few small plates: Caesar salad with shrimp, a spicy crab cake and eggplant side with fresh mozzarella.

Aside from my salad, which truly was outstanding – presentation and all, the rest of our meal was just OK. Nothing was bad per se, it just was wasn’t as good as expected. The short ribs were quite dry and the eggplant was rather overcooked.

Regardless, it was still a perfect night away and truly a lovely place to visit. I look forward to going back, but perhaps will plan this trip in the fall or winter. There’s something about that place that just feels like a cooler month getaway. Either way, you’re in for a treat when you go.



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