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pura vida

In just a couple more weeks, I’ll be once again joining the downtown lunch crowd. And I know where I’ll be a regular. I met one of my favorite lunch companions the other week to check out the recently opened Pura Vida on Euclid, right down from Noodlecat (another place I’m eager to check out); […]

sneak peak: pura vida

Brandt Evans is living for today, as the name of his new restaurant implies. During the Tri-C culinary challenge the other week, a giddy Evans was kind enough to give us a sneak peak into his new restaurant (which shares walls with the school as well as many positive synergies, but is not affiliated). This […]

cook like brandt evans: rainbow trout in salt crust

This time of the year is when I appreciate Blue Canyon the most (though I really do like the patio for dining al fresco in the summer). I think the chef, Brandt Evans, is at his best when the weather dips and the atmosphere just screams autumn comfort.Here, the chef shares with us his recipe […]

clambakes: throwing or going

Those that know me well know this is my favorite time of the year for three reasons: the Browns, fall and clambakes. I’m always trying to persuade people to throw a bake or wrangle up a group to attend one. To me, a bake is always best when thrown in someone’s backyard on a crisp […]

cleveland magazine: may issue

If you haven’t seen this month’s issue of Cleveland Magazine, it’s the annual Silver Spoon edition featuring their take on our best restaurants. My small contribution can be found on page 93: the protein scene and meaty veggies. The first part was supposed to include chef Brandt Evans from Blue Canyon as well, but for […]