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getting back to basics: part 4

No matter how many wonderful stories you have to tell, or how passionate you are about your family’s roots, it all comes down to the food. And the food, to me, needs to really deliver when it’s all said and done. Otherwise, why bother? I started off with a glass of Falesco Vitrano Rosso from […]

getting back to basics: part 3

The customers at Carrie Cerino’s have literally been dining there for years and years. If a customer ordered the chicken marsala in 1972, they expect the exact same taste and dish in 1987, 1994 and 2007 – and that is exactly what they would get. These dedicated elderly customers have been the backbone per se […]

getting back to basics: part 2

To understand Dominic Cerino and his family’s restaurant, is to understand the history of the place and the foods of his grandma’s roots (more on that later). A history, I suspect, much richer and deeper than these few paragraphs. Someone told me a long time ago that the restaurant was actually Carrie’s childhood home and […]

getting back to basics: q & a with dominic cerino

If you would have told me back in January that I would be anticipating my next visit to Carrie Cerino’s, I probably would have laughed. Not only have I converted into a supporter from a culinary standpoint, but am now a believer in its future and have grown to embrace its past. I was fortunate […]

this week’s feast!

This week’s post on Feast! should make a lot of people happy. From the time I said back in January of this year that I wasn’t impressed with my inaugural visit to Carrie Cerino’s, I’ve heard nothing but support for the place and people all but begging me to go back and give it another […]