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q & a with kris kreiger

While Kris Kreiger may not be a household name, his store, Chef’s Choice Meats, is quickly becoming part of our vocabulary. Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t aware that a pretty impressive offering of cured meats, similar to Seattle’s Salumi, was nestled in Berea. But there is much more than a lengthy (and […]

chef’s choice meats

On our recent visit to Salumi in Seattle this past October, we talked about what we wanted to order for Christmas Eve. The top item on our list was the mole. This is perhaps the best cured meat we have ever tried with its very distinctive and addicting sweet/spicy chocolate, cinnamon and ancho pepper flavor. […]

q & a with chef ben bebenroth

Luckily, there are a lot of chefs (and more catching on each day) in our area that practice farm-to-fork and celebrate Ohio’s farmers with their daily creations. One of those chefs, a true devotee of all things local and thus our local economy, is Chef Ben Bebenroth of Spice of Life Catering. 1. What are […]