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To me, the food is only part of the experience when dining out. The other driving factor is the atmosphere, both in terms of the overall decor and the vibe a place gives off. When a restaurant scores in all areas, well, those are usually the places we frequent on a pretty consistent basis (Umami […]

cook like steve schimoler

Home ec meets shop class. According to Steve Schimoler, chef/owner of the wonderful  Crop Bistro & Bar, this dish is a super summertime appetizer, and can be easily prepared a day ahead. He shares that a Causa is basically a potato salad, but with different twists and presentations. Before you start this recipe, you will […]

restaurant updates

Start your week off right (or end the weekend with a smile; however you choose to see it). The Greenhouse Tavern is now open on Sundays, from 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. ————————————– New lunch and dinner menus at Parallax. Both menus will focus heavily on the cuisine of the Far East, including a lot of […]

out to lunch

The question of where to have lunch is a simple one, or so you would think. The majority of the time, people are working and can only spare an hour. But that doesn’t mean lunch should be something you settle for, or worse, through a drive-thru. Most days I bring my lunch in, or grab […]

cleveland food rocks crop bistro

This past weekend, the Cleveland Food Rocks week-long event came to a close, but not before the chef behind the idea threw a party to celebrate the city, its chefs and of course, its food. Chef Steve Schimoler, along with Elaine Cicora and the entire staff at Crop Bistro, hosted the first ever late night […]

she’s just my type, american classic

Congratulations to Ken who won the Cleveland Food Rocks contest for his description on why Cleveland rocks. His six-word entry, “she’s just my type, American classic,” earned him $50 to Crop Bistro. To be fair, I asked Jim Sollisch, creative director and writer extraordinaire where I work, to be the judge. He’s an incredibly gifted […]

cleveland rocks and so does its food (tell me why and win $50 to crop)

Since landing in Cleveland in 2005, chef Steve Schimoler has made quite the impression. After his term ended at Nestle in Solon, he could have packed up his knives and headed anywhere given his impressive background and talent. But no, he decided to stay in Cleveland and open Crop Bistro in the summer of 2007. […]

q & a with olena gudz

From forensic scientist to pastry chef at Crop Bistro, Olena Gudz is truly quite unique. Here, she offers up interesting insight into the science behind her craft, why she loves her heritage, plus gives readers a detailed recipe for a dessert anyone can make at home. And if that’s not enough, she’s a fan of […]

restaurant news and upcoming events

TartineTartine will be hosting its second wine dinner on Tuesday, January 27 (they host one a month, each with a different theme). January’s dinner will celebrate the culinary exchange between France and the southeast Asian area once known as French Indochina, most notably Vietnam. The dinner will feature 5 courses paired with 5 wines for […]

what i know about eating out

This guest post is brought to you by Elaine Cicora, former food critic for Scene and current director of communications at the delicious Crop Bistro. Ten years is a long time to be a professional stomach – hitting the region’s troughs, treasure troves, and taverns three to four times per week, 48 weeks per year, […]