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dinner at amp150

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back to AMP150. And this rather lengthy delay between visits is in no way a reflection of the chef or his food. As I said after my first visit, this guy really can cook and I was wrong to judge too quickly. I guess what it comes […]

cook like ellis cooley

If you have been to AMP150, then you know this chef. He’s been making quite an impression since coming to Cleveland – and that’s not easy given that he’s running a restaurant inside the airport Marriott. I’ve only been once (so far) and was truly impressed (and admittedly wrong to prejudge). I’m also impressed with […]


This is one review I struggled with. When someone first told me waaay back when about this chef coming from Miami to open a restaurant in the airport Marriott and if I would check it out, my answer (within seconds flat) was no. He asked if it was because it was too far, and I […]