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$1 equals 40 days of water for a child (cleveland chefs join together for unicef’s project tap)

From March 22 – 28, five local restaurants are participating in Unicef’s Tap Project, which brings clean water to millions of children around the world – something each of us takes for granted every single day. Just $1 provides drinking water for one child for 40 days – $1, something most of spend without a […]

the village exchange

The group that owns most of Chagrin Falls, including Gamekeepers, 87 West and The Inn at Chagrin Falls, has recently added another location to its lineup: The Village Exchange. This casual eatery (think gourmet cafeteria), which sits on the same street as the aforementioned locations, offers a variety of sandwiches and melts, soups and salads, […]

87 west 2 opens in crocker park

The Gamekeeper’s group, the people that own, well, Gamekeeper’s in Chagrin Falls, as well as The Inn of Chagrin Falls, Bass Lake Tavern and the original 87 W, have recently opened a spin-off of the original, called 87 W 2 in Crocker Park. The wine bar will feature a selection of 120 wines from Ohio […]

gamekeeper’s tavern

With the weather being near perfect on Saturday, and the fact that we had a little something to celebrate, we decided to have lunch outside at Gamekeeper’s in Chagrin Falls. In a town that is very Norman Rockwell-ish, this little tavern with its perfectly manicured grounds and quaint, well-kept patio, fits right in. We started […]