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cook like matt harlan

Chef Matt Harlan, aka Chatty, might be one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. We’ve been fans of his since he was head chef at Lolita, and he continues to impress at Bar Symon. He’s just one of the good guys – and he’s a great chef, too – which makes me like him […]

cook like chef sawyer

Courtesy of chef Jonathon Sawyer of  The Greenhouse Tavern, here’s a dish from his kitchen to yours. Perfect for a winter get-together. Chopped Chicken Liver To make Chopped Chicken Liver one must first make: Chicken Liver Mousse 8 oz. Chicken Livers 16 oz. Whole Milk, separated 12 oz. Chilled Butter, Cubed 4 tsp Nutmeg, separated Salt, to taste […]

thanksgiving entertaining: tips, wine & more

Obviously, you’ve caught on that I like to go out to eat. But for as much as we enjoy going out (and writing about it), I absolutely love to entertain. Whether it’s a couple of friends for a last-minute weekend dinner, or as it’s often the case with us given the size of my family, […]

chef doug katz on the perfect thanksgiving turkey (plus win heinen’s gift card)

We are just a few weeks away from both my favorite holiday and favorite meal of the year (no presents – just amazing food, family and drink). We all have our favorite Thanksgiving traditions, dishes and stories. This year, I’m in charge of getting and prepping the bird (I can’t let my family eat the one my […]

clambakes: throwing or going

Those that know me well know this is my favorite time of the year for three reasons: the Browns, fall and clambakes. I’m always trying to persuade people to throw a bake or wrangle up a group to attend one. To me, a bake is always best when thrown in someone’s backyard on a crisp […]