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welcome to “my” neighborhood

Ok, it’s not really my neighborhood. But it might as well be. I grew up right around the corner from the Falls and my husband and I pretend to live there practically ever weekend – from taking Natalie to the park, to keeping Umami in business (you can find him there at least twice a […]

up for grabs: tickets to sold out tedxcle plus a special bonus

I love ideas. I work in ideas, day in and day out. Big ideas. Small ideas. Ideas can inspire, change and make us think. Some, of course, are better than others. But what’s great about ideas, is that we all have them. And by sharing our ideas, we can spark curiosity and ignite that change. […]

miles farmer’s market now sells jeni’s ice creams

Riesling and poached pear sorbet. Lemon and blueberries. Berries and burgundy sorbet. Goat cheese and roasted red cherries. Pistachio and honey. Sweet corn and black raspberry. We’ve been home for one week now, and these are the flavors of Jeni’s Ice Creams that we’ve been enjoying since Miles Farmer’s Market in Solon started carrying our favorite […]