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q & a with christopher schramm

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Chef Jonathon Sawyer for an upcoming Cleveland Magazine article. That brief interview turned into a very fun and memorable experience. Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting Jonathon’s beautiful wife and kids, but also Michael and Liz Symon (talk about a down-to-earth, kind […]

q & a with chef nolan konkoski

Chef Nolan Konkoski is the man responsible for the popular tequila dinners, among other tasty dishes, at Momocho. He’s originally from upstate New York and started cooking in college as a means to make money (went to school for English literature and writing). Lucky for us, he pursued cooking. 1. What are the top 5 […]

q & a with cory barrett

Cory Barrett, Ohio native and Lola/Lolita head pastry chef, has been in the food business for 10 years now and thankfully, much of that time has been spent here. He is the man responsible for several popular sweet treats craved by Clevelanders, including the 6 a.m. special at Lola and my husband’s personal addiction, the […]

quick dinner @ lolita

Since I have a lot of siblings, we started drawing names for Christmas gifts a few years ago. Last year we decided to forgo the traditional gift exchange. Instead, you would have one year to do something nice for the person you picked. Kinda corny I know, but it was actually a lot of fun […]

q & a with heather haviland

Next to the Bongo Room in Chicago and the Kula Lodge in Maui at the bottom of the Haleakala Mountain (okay, that one tops the list), Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont is my favorite spot for breakfast. Chef Heather Haviland, who also owns Sweet Mosaic, has created more than a great neighborhood coffee shop that happens […]

q & a with douglas trattner

The witty Doug Trattner, the former lawyer turned food critic, has been telling us where to eat and what to avoid for the past six years via the Free Times (plus regular stints with the Plain Dealer and on WMJI). And last year, the Ohio SPJ (society of professional journalists) named him the best critic […]

holiday dinner at lolita

To wrap up Thanksgiving weekend, my family (most anyway – 5 of my 7 siblings and the bulk of the nieces and nephews) went to dinner at Lolita and to see A Christmas Carol at the Ohio Theater. In lieu of presents, my parents treat me and my siblings to something festive each Christmas, like […]


Move over Drew Carey, Cleveland now has two favorite sons – Iron Chef Michael Symon. What a night for Cleveland. I only wish I went to Lolita to watch instead of cheering from the couch. Michael, you did us all proud. Congratulations. I’m even over the fact that the Browns lost (well, maybe not totally). […]

good luck, michael

As everyone knows by now, Michael Symon could very well be the next Iron Chef. In case you missed it, here’s a link to Doug Trattner’s article in the PD about the competition. One of the paragraphs in the article basically sums up a conversation I had the other day with a friend on living […]

food & wine recognizes cleveland

In this month’s Food & Wine there is a whole page dedicated to Cleveland as part of a series called: Food & Wine Across America. The reporter, Kristin Donnelly, features Momocho, both Lola and Lolita, Flying Fig, Fire, Light Bistro and Lucky’s Cafe (so much for Lucky’s remaining a sectret). A wiki has also been […]