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q & a with michael herschman

Clevelanders have seen a lot of good restaurants come and go through the years. Mention any one of these, like the Silver Grille or Battuto, and it automatically conjures up a favorite memory or emotion for many. This is why I always pose this question during my interviews. For me, Battuto is one of those […]

cleveland rocks and so does its food (tell me why and win $50 to crop)

Since landing in Cleveland in 2005, chef Steve Schimoler has made quite the impression. After his term ended at Nestle in Solon, he could have packed up his knives and headed anywhere given his impressive background and talent. But no, he decided to stay in Cleveland and open Crop Bistro in the summer of 2007. […]

metropolitan cafe

Many things have closed in this city that I miss. From Higbee’s downtown, to Hough Bakery – even Geauga Lake (granted I haven’t been there in ages, but it’s downright depressing and eerie to drive by and just to know it’s not part of our city anymore). And when it comes to restaurants, Battuto and […]