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michael symon: live to cook

April of last year we went to Sonoma and San Francisco for the week. Like every trip I take, I spend a fair amount of time researching where to eat. For this trip, I e-mailed Michael Symon to inquire about his favorite places since I remembered reading he just returned from the Bay area. He quickly […]

time well spent on e 4th

After hearing about Corner Alley for a year or so, we finally made it there tonight for a work outing (bowled two games, neither score worth mentioning). As far as bowling alleys go, this one is up there – granted my knowledge of alleys now includes two, Freeway Lanes in Solon and now this one. […]

preorder michael symon’s cookbook, live to cook

I saw that everyone’s favorite Iron Chef posted on his Facebook page yesterday information about preordering his cookbook, Live to Cook. And later on his blog, Symon Says, he shared a little more information about his first cookbook: Upon returning I found out that my book just went on presale on Amazon. This book has […]

a ticket we can all agree on

Jonathan, a reader of this blog and new Clevelander, sent me this image via Flickr: Just imagine the delicious possibilities with a Symon / Ruhlman ticket.

two fabulous and easy meals

I have subscriptions to a few cooking mags, including Cook’s Illustrated, Food & Wine and Gourmet. I’m pretty much giddy when one of them arrives in the mail. I love to rip through the pages for new and interesting recipes to test. This month I found two great ones in the pages of Gourmet and […]

chigago tribune on michael ruhlman’s new book

Monica Eng, the Chicago Tribune reporter who wrote about Cleveland’s surprisingly wonderful culinary scene a few weeks ago (surprising to her and fellow Chicagoans – not to us), is at it again. This time she reviews Cleveland’s Michael Ruhlman and his new book, Elements of Cooking. I’ve had my copy for over two months now, […]

chicago recognizes cleveland as a dining destination

My coworker just sent me this article from today’s Chicago Tribune. In the article, the reporter discusses how Cleveland has surprisingly become a hot spot of great eateries and shops – many of which Chicagoans would be lucky to have. Her Cleveland dining tour is led by Michael Ruhlman, complete with visits to Lola, Lolita, […]

michael symon/ruhlman in feb. food & wine

The wave of positive national media coverage for many of Cleveland’s indie restaurants from last year is carrying over into this year, starting with a feature in this month’s Food & Wine: Super Bowl Blowout by Michael Ruhlman. Ruhlman writes about our beloved Michael Symon and how he prepares for football’s big day (apparently he […]

q & a with elaine cicora

We are lucky to have Elaine Cicora’s palate in Cleveland. She has been educating and enticing us about the Cleveland food scene through the years. And no surprise here, she is the recipient of a James Beard award for her work in journalism; specifically for the piece she did on Michael Ruhlman. 1. What is […]

michael ruhlman @ viking next friday

Michael Ruhlman will be doing a demo and book signing at Viking next Friday (11/16) starting at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $69.99. He’ll also be doing a demo at Borders in Cleveland Heights the next day at 2 p.m. and signing copies of his new book, The Elements of Cooking: Translating the Chef’s Art […]