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clambakes: throwing or going

Those that know me well know this is my favorite time of the year for three reasons: the Browns, fall and clambakes. I’m always trying to persuade people to throw a bake or wrangle up a group to attend one. To me, a bake is always best when thrown in someone’s backyard on a crisp […]

miles farmer’s market now sells jeni’s ice creams

Riesling and poached pear sorbet. Lemon and blueberries. Berries and burgundy sorbet. Goat cheese and roasted red cherries. Pistachio and honey. Sweet corn and black raspberry. We’ve been home for one week now, and these are the flavors of Jeni’s Ice Creams that we’ve been enjoying since Miles Farmer’s Market in Solon started carrying our favorite […]


Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of the year. My only gripe is that it’s too short. Between the sweater weather, stunning colors, crisp nights and flavors, it’s a great time in our area. Next to numerous trips to Patterson’s and Mapleside for cider, apples, fresh doughnuts and pumpkins, the clambake gets my […]

a few wine suggestions

If you’re a fan of white wine, sorry, no suggestions here. I only drink red (white gives me an instant headache). Went to the wine tasting at Miles last night. I believe this was their first and was told they plan to do it on a regular basis. They had about 50 people, 40 wines […]

wine tasting saturday night

There is a wine tasting Friday night at Miles Market. 40 wines, supposedly a descent cheese selection plus other treats for $25. I believe it goes from 6 – 9. I think it should make for a descent tasting. Miles has a pretty good wine selection and a very knowledgable staff – especially “Meat.” I […]

cheese please

My favorite dessert is cheese. Forget chocolate after dinner. I can’t think of a better way to finish a meal (or start one!) then with a full-bodied glass of wine and a plate of stinky, rich, creamy cheese. And I’m not alone. A lot more restaurants in Cleveland are offering cheese as dessert and offer […]