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more cleveland chatter

In response to yesterday’s post about the LA foodie, Adam over at Positively Cleveland sent me a few news stories from national food editors at various dailies. The Convention (wisely) has been putting forth much effort towards the local food scene and brought in 10 national food and wine editors to experience Cleveland first-hand. The […]

a foodie from la visits cleveland

More and more over the past couple of years, we keep reading about food editors in other cities, from dailies to consumer pubs, thoughts on the Cleveland dining scene. And it’s not just the professionals, but bloggers as well. I love reading out-of-towners views on our city and our good eats. Here’s three posts from […]

sokolowski’s university inn

Craving the comforts of carbohydrates? Look no further than the eastern European landmark cafeteria in Tremont: Sokolowski’s University Inn. We visited Sokolowski’s a few weeks ago for my latest Metromix write-up. By all accounts, it was the perfect outing for me. The weather was cold, a key factor when indulging on carbs, pregnancy has made […]

q & a with kris kreiger

While Kris Kreiger may not be a household name, his store, Chef’s Choice Meats, is quickly becoming part of our vocabulary. Up until a few months ago, I wasn’t aware that a pretty impressive offering of cured meats, similar to Seattle’s Salumi, was nestled in Berea. But there is much more than a lengthy (and […]

sokolowski’s by way of reader comment

This might be a first. A recent comment by rockandroller regarding Elaine Cicora’s nod to Sokolowski’s in her recent Q & A, has sparked Elaine to revisit everyone’s favorite cafeteria (well, almost everyone) and post about it today in C-Notes, Cleveland Scene’s blog. While I personally haven’t been to Sokolowski’s University Inn in years, I […]