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lemon falls

I rarely play the lottery. Yet ironically, I’m always daydreaming about how I’d spend my winnings. First up, I’d call my closest friends and gather certain family members and have them meet us some place where we’d spill the news. I’d set up college funds for all their kids then take everyone to Bora Bora […]

welcome to “my” neighborhood

Ok, it’s not really my neighborhood. But it might as well be. I grew up right around the corner from the Falls and my husband and I pretend to live there practically ever weekend – from taking Natalie to the park, to keeping Umami in business (you can find him there at least twice a […]

burntwood tavern

We all have restaurants that are our restaurants. The go-to places. Places where we can sit back, relax, have a good meal and see a few familiar smiling faces. Growing up in Solon, The American Tavern was that place for me (still like to go there for lunch from time to time). These places may […]

a conversation with scott kuhn (washington place bistro & bar and the spillway)

We’re all thinking it. A non-Italian restaurant in Little Italy? Little Italy. Home of The Feast, cannoli’s and one Italian restaurant after another. Until mid November that is, when Washington Place Bistro & Inn will take over the space that once house the beloved Baricelli Inn. Well, I’ve been thinking it at least and that’s […]

umami revisited

My experience with Umami goes a little something like this: I loved Umami. Then I didn’t. And now I’m on the bandwagon once again. Umami is the ultra tiny restaurant in the heart of Chagrin Falls. I first wrote about them last June when Michael Longo was chef. It’s close to my house and office, so we […]