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do good, eat good | take 4

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I don’t post much these days. As we can all relate – life gets crazy, and something has to give… While I don’t necessarily write as much as I once did, my commitment to our great city, supporting local – and especially giving back – […]

Do Good. Eat Good. Live Healthy

There is something that many of us take for granted each day. Food. The majority of us have the good fortune to dine out, shop our local grocers and markets, and even grow our own plethora of goods. We read about food. We value and appreciate food. We know the importance of eating right (most […]

taste of the browns & your chance to attend

Here we go Brownies, here we go. I am a big Browns fan. Huge. What Clevelander isn’t, right? I grew up a tom boy and followed football and this team for as long as I can remember (and pretended to be Bernie Kosar in my neighborhood after school football games growing up). We love and […]

enjoy dinner with a chef and support a good cause

Check out this line up. Pretty impressive, don’t you agree? Now how would you like to spend an evening with one of these talented chefs where they will prepare for you a small feast table-side specifically for you and a handful of fellow diners? And with each wonderful bite, you’ll feel extra satisfied because you […]

food & wine benefit for veggie u

I think my head has been in the clouds. How can I call myself a foodie and daily profess my love of food to you and yet not be fully aware of The Chef’s Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute? Sure, I’ve heard of this place near Sandusky and knew bits and pieces through various […]

how to be a better diner; what the chefs want us to know

Forgive me chefs for I have sinned. I did something that I knowingly knew was tacky, yet I did it anyway. Last December, my family – 17 of us, went to see the play, A Christmas Story. My mom waited till the week of to make a dinner reservation (I was on her case to […]

chef interviews

I’ve been neglectful. I got caught up in other stuff and haven’t been keeping up with the Chef Q&A’s. And for the ones I have completed over the past few years, the links were all messed up making it hard for people to learn a bit more about their favorite chefs. I know these interviews […]

Do good. Eat good.

Note: This is a repost.  Since it’s for a good cause and we still have two weeks to go, it’s worthy of posting again. If you haven’t donated $5 and are able to, please do. Over $1,800 worth of gift cards available – you’ll eat free all year! –  and you’re supporting local kids. Thank […]

Do good. Eat good.

After writing this blog for nearly four years, I think I can safely make some assumptions about you, my readers. Assumption one: you like food. Two: you like food prepared by one of our many talented chefs. Three: You’re pro Cleveland and will always support local when able. Four: You care about this community and […]