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lopez and the return of michael herschman

Pre arrival of baby #2, I was trying just about everything to go into labor towards the end. Including old wives tale #24: Mexican food. This attempt took us to Lopez in Cleveland Heights, where the kitchen is now under the leadership of chef Michael Herschman. Herschman is certainly no stranger to the area, or […]

mekong river

I posted on Facebook that I was heading to Mekong River for the first time last month and someone told me not to look at the carpet. I must admit, I’ve never been told this before and it made me chuckle. So of course the first thing I did upon walking inside was look straight […]

pestival at shaker lakes

I spent a good chunk of my 20s living in Cleveland Heights. I cannot say enough good things about this community. Except for the never ending flood of parking tickets that made its way to my car on a regular basis, I simply loved living in this area for a variety of reasons and cherish […]

q&a with melt’s matt fish

East siders, get ready to loosen your pants. The Cleveland Heights Melt is officially set to open May 21. Is it too early to call dibs on a table? 1. What’s your favorite thing about Cleveland and what drives you nuts? There are so many things about Cleveland that I love. ¬†Putting my finger on […]