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dinner in the dark

There seems to be a lot of food events popping up as of late. From tours to Emerging Chefs, to Chow Downs on four wheels. And one that I recently took part in – Dinner in the Dark. We’re a lucky bunch. We don’t just have restaurants to satisfy our every foodie craving, but unique […]

dinner at amp150

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back to AMP150. And this rather lengthy delay between visits is in no way a reflection of the chef or his food. As I said after my first visit, this guy really can cook and I was wrong to judge too quickly. I guess what it comes […]

dinner plans this saturday? keep reading and you might.

If you have not yet taken advantage of one of the Earth to Table dinners held each month at the Culinary Vegetable Institute, which is on the beautiful grounds of farmer Lee Jones’ Chef’s Garden, then you are truly missing out. Each unique dinner is created by a team of chefs that come in from […]

cook like ellis cooley: roasted chicken and grilled zucchini salad with grapes and feta vinaigrette

How simple – and delicious –  does this dish sound? I have a chicken in my fridge and now know what I’m making for the game on Sunday. This recipe comes to us from chef Ellis Cooley of AMP150. Roasted Chicken 1 3# farm raised chicken 1 lemon Salt and pepper 1 TBSP olive oil […]

cook like ellis cooley

If you have been to AMP150, then you know this chef. He’s been making quite an impression since coming to Cleveland – and that’s not easy given that he’s running a restaurant inside the airport Marriott. I’ve only been once (so far) and was truly impressed (and admittedly wrong to prejudge). I’m also impressed with […]

celebrate flag day with a tweetup/foursquare “swarm” party at amp150

Flag Day is Monday, June 14. What are you doing to celebrate? Ok, chances are nothing. In fact, you probably had no idea that it’s Flag Day (unless you’re friends with me then it has been drilled in your head). You see, Flag Day is also my birthday, and up until the age of 9 […]


This is one review I struggled with. When someone first told me waaay back when about this chef coming from Miami to open a restaurant in the airport Marriott and if I would check it out, my answer (within seconds flat) was no. He asked if it was because it was too far, and I […]