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food & wine benefit for veggie u

I think my head has been in the clouds. How can I call myself a foodie and daily profess my love of food to you and yet not be fully aware of The Chef’s Garden and The Culinary Vegetable Institute? Sure, I’ve heard of this place near Sandusky and knew bits and pieces through various […]

i scream, you scream

This past holiday weekend, I can now scratch off three more flavors of Jeni’s that I’ve tried: Influenza Sorbet, Thai Chili and Red Hot Apple Cider sorbet. I wasn’t as crazy about Thai Chili but really enjoyed the Influenza Sorbet and Apple Cider (though no one else in my family seemed as wowed by the […]

miles farmer’s market now sells jeni’s ice creams

Riesling and poached pear sorbet. Lemon and blueberries. Berries and burgundy sorbet. Goat cheese and roasted red cherries. Pistachio and honey. Sweet corn and black raspberry. We’ve been home for one week now, and these are the flavors of Jeni’s Ice Creams that we’ve been enjoying since Miles Farmer’s Market in Solon started carrying our favorite […]

q&a with jeni britton bauer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Jeni’s! I don’t have an overly powering sweet tooth. In fact, I often prefer cheese for dessert. That is, until I was first introduced to Jeni’s,  the artisan ice cream that hails two short hours from my doorstep in Columbus. I first tried salted carmel, and then strawberry […]