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review: mia bella

I think I may have mentioned maybe once or twenty seven times just how picky I am when it comes to Italian food. I’m willing to bet many of you aren’t nearly as selective as me when it comes to all things Italian, so you should read any reviews of such eateries with that in […]

inn on coventry

Breakfast. We all have that place. Our joint. The go-to spot. These places may not serve the most amazing, high quality meals. But they have character, comfort and that little something special that keeps us coming back for more. Growing up in Solon, we often went to Chicago Deli as kids and in high school, I’d regularly meet friends […]

review: wine bar rocky river

Last month I finally made it to Wine Bar Rocky River on the quaint Linda Street. It’s been on my must-visit list for ages, and thanks to Metromix, I can finally scratch it off. I liked everything about this place – almost. Right off the bat I felt at home on the patio. I could […]

review: zinc bistro bar bakery

These are the posts I don’t look forward to sharing. But you can’t like everything and you opt to come here because you want my honest opinion – no matter what. So here goes it. I went to Zinc a few weeks ago on behalf of Metromix. I had heard prior to my visit that […]

mekong river

I posted on Facebook that I was heading to Mekong River for the first time last month and someone told me not to look at the carpet. I must admit, I’ve never been told this before and it made me chuckle. So of course the first thing I did upon walking inside was look straight […]


For a few years now I kept hearing people talk about this wonderful  Italian restaurant in Peninsula that was worth checking out. Upon hearing these words, I was definitely curious. But then I’d hear the latter part of the statement and become perplexed. It’s an Italian and Cajun restaurant. And it never went any further […]

big al’s diner

The weekend is all about family time for us and soaking up as much of our daughter as we can since we both work during the week. One of our rituals is breakfast. We’re fairly predictable with where you can find us, usually Yours Truly in the Falls, Lucky’s Cafe or Vine & Bean. The latter two […]


This is one review I struggled with. When someone first told me waaay back when about this chef coming from Miami to open a restaurant in the airport Marriott and if I would check it out, my answer (within seconds flat) was no. He asked if it was because it was too far, and I […]

noble house

It seems like a lifetime ago when I worked in Hudson. One of the things I liked best about my time there, aside from the people I worked with, was regular visits to Noble House, a long-standing Chinese restaurant in the center of town. Up until last month, when I went on behalf of Metromix, […]

to review or not to review …

So there’s been quite a bit of chatter about my Metromix review of Dante that appeared several days ago – good and bad. I’ve received a ton of e-mail on the subject, and various people in various mediums have weighed in. And in all honesty, I can’t see what all the fuss is about. And […]