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a video from TEDxCLE worth watching – and sharing

I have a confession to make. My husband loves Kraft cheese slices and despite my better judgment, I sometimes concede and buy for him. You can’t win every battle (but I do bury the so-called cheese at the bottom of the cart, embarrassed by the purchase). Most days, we do our best to eat smart. […]

up for grabs: tickets to sold out tedxcle plus a special bonus

I love ideas. I work in ideas, day in and day out. Big ideas. Small ideas. Ideas can inspire, change and make us think. Some, of course, are better than others. But what’s great about ideas, is that we all have them. And by sharing our ideas, we can spark curiosity and ignite that change. […]

just another week in the CLE

Most miserable city? I beg to differ. My week started by spending an evening with a bunch of really witty and engaging  Cleveland bloggers by way of a shopping spree at NEXT in Beachwood Place (I didn’t shop, sigh. Instead, I played the part of social media maven and organized this soiree. I sometimes do […]

your chance to spend an afternoon with ted

Technology, Entertainment and Design, or TED, is coming to Cleveland. Those  familiar with TED know it brings the world’s thinkers and doers together to talk about their passions and ideally, ignite those listening to improve their surroundings and inspire change. Past speakers include Bill Gates, Frank Gehry, Bono, Bill Clinton and Richard Branson. On February […]